Metal Spreader Anal Lock

The Metal Spreader Anal Lock Is Perfect For the Fans of both Bondage and Extensive Anal Play
? Use the lock and key to keep the plug in place
? The bar handle allows easy insertion and to manipulate the plug’s position
? Great toy for bondage lovers with lock and key included
If you are looking to take your bondage play into another whole new level, then this is the plug for you. With this plug, you only need to slide it into your ass then push in the rear of the plug so as to expand the unit. After the plug is safely inserted and the wearer comfortable, you can then lock it.
Your ass will be locked at the mercy of your partner Crotchless Knickers and Panties which will make you his slave. The plug is not as complicated as it looks since you only need to press the plunger and the plug will push open. For easy removal, you only need to close up and pull it out.
The Metal Spreader Anal Lock is designed in a way that the arms at the base are wide enough so as to prevent the plug from sinking. The plug has an approximate length of 5.5 inches and is 1.5 inches wide.
When inserting this plug, it is advisable to use plenty of water-based lube so as to prevent unwanted friction.